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Lieutenant Commander Thea Davenport

Name Thea Davenport

Position Medical Director

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Kriosian
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 145lbs
Hair Color Reddish brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Thea's markings are very subtle for even a half Kriosian. What can be seen she usually covers up with makeup, preferring to keep her lineage to herself. She usually keeps a very professional appearance by wearing a uniform at all times when on duty and keeping her hair up and tightly pinned.


Spouse Jonathan Nejem (divorced)
Father Ron Davenport
Mother Accalia Therin (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Thea keeps herself tightly in check when on duty. She wants to appear as unbiased as possible. Unfortunately sometimes this comes off as being cold when she really is a very caring person. She’s a fantastic listener and is good at multitasking and getting to the root of problems quickly due to her ability to separate herself from her emotions though they sometimes overwhelm her when the crisis has passed.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Would do anything for anyone without a thought for herself.
+Greatly knowledgeable about Medicine due to her strict work ethic.

- Pushes her emotions back until they eventually catch up to her.
Ambitions To simple help anyone she believes is in need. Rank and position mean nothing to her.
Hobbies & Interests Reading
Writing Poetry

Personal History Thea grew up the only child of Ron and Accalia Davenport. Though her mother was Kriosian they never visited her planet nor talked much about her culture. If Thea asked the topic of conversation was changed. It wasn’t until her mother passed away that Thea learned her mom was an empathic metamorph who had fled her home planet in fear that she would be married off to a stranger and kept as a pet.

As a child Thea was always bringing home small animals and making friends with anyone who would listen. Though she is still very warm to those she learns to trust Thea keeps her feelings a bit more hidden as an adult. Her passion has always been to help others and she hasn’t regretted a single day since joining Starfleet Academy with the intention to become a counselor but switched her profession to medical doctor with a minor in counseling.

Having two very different parents Thea has struggled with two sides of her personality always butting heads. She usually prefers to bend to the Kriosian side where duty was prized above personality. It left her free from the emotions she might otherwise have had to deal with.

Once accepted to Starfleet Academy she met Johnathan Nejem who she would later marry. The marriage did not last however and they were divorced two years later. She returned to using her surname and dropped his. Thea chalked it up to being too young to marry but has since admitted that she had a very hard time being completely open with another person.

After graduating and her divorce Thea was assigned to the USS Lambert, then transferred to Starbase 121 where she was promoted to Lieutenant (JG) and finally to the USS Shanghai before accepting a transfer two years later as Chief Medical Officer of the USS Endeavour.
Service Record 2382-2386 Starfleet Academy
2386-2388 USS Lambert- Medical Officer
2388- 2392 Starbase 121- Medical Officer
2392-2394 USS Shanghai- Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2394-2395 USS Endeavour Chief Medical Officer