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Name T'Mira

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 27.61 Terran

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9 Terran
Weight 135 Terran
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Slim and proportioned to her height.


Spouse Widowed
Children None
Father Sorvik (Deceased)
Mother T'Paj
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Houses of Sidak, Clan of Alar-sen-dasmeen

Personality & Traits

General Overview Being a follower of three Sohk-Paks and two other Disciplines, T'Mira has many strong inner strengths. She is very dedicated to her work and her loyalties run deep. Unlike most Vulcans she is considered both warm and friendly. Her rare smile has the tendency to melt most men instantly.
Strengths & Weaknesses T'Mira is a traditional Vulcan. She chose to follow three of the Sohk-Paks and two other Paths of Discipline that lean towards her career choice as a Psionic Specialist

The Path of J'haniar - Is the oldest of the Sohk-Paks and has spread to all cultures and walks of life. It focuses on telepathic communication and the direct linkage of minds. The IDIC is one of the highest awards within the Path of J'haniar.

The Path of Korini Dercou - This is an ancient discipline which developed out of more warlike techniques of obfuscation and misdirection. The school is devoted to defusing conflict not by understanding, but by inducing confusion and amnesia. Psionic masters can even cause themselves to be ignored by others and so forth.

The Path of Surini Maklar - Is concerned with the retention and transmission of memory and experience. Its disciples strive towards total recall.
The Path of Tas - This is the telepathic detection discipline in which a Vulcan has the ability to detect the minute psychic traces a person leaves behind wherever he has been or whatever he has touched. Is particularly helpful during crime scene investigations and in the study of Vulcan artifacts.

The Path of Khat - This discipline focuses on defenses against telepathic intrusion into one’s own mind.

Her full Vulcan heritage and her chosen mental paths have permitted her to fully develop her psionics. This allows her to sense emotions; however she can only mind-read without touch within a limited perimeter.
Hobbies & Interests Even tho Vulcans normally detest human food, T'Mira enjoys good food, good wine, good company.

Personal History Shi'Oren t'Ek'Tallar T'Khasi (Vulcan Science Academy)
Trahokna t'Ek’Lyula T’Khasi (Vulcan Culture Institute)
Khartau Pid T'Khasi (Vulcan High Command)
Service Record N/A