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Governor Annie Singh-Barnes

Name Annie Jin Dae Singh-Barnes

Position Governor

Rank Governor

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5 Feet
Weight 135 Pounds
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Physically, Annie is in good shape. She is slightly above average height. Annie has olive skin with brown hair and brown eyes. She has no tattoos, but a few scars, on her right leg. When she was a kid, fell off a cliff side, and scratched up her leg really bad, leaving a few scars.


Spouse Samuel Mason Barnes
Children Karrie Dae Barnes, 7
Marcus Samuel Barnes, 5
Lucy Dae Barnes, 3

Father Marley Nathan MacDonald, 52 years Occupation Novelist
Mother Hope Kerry MacDonald (Maiden: Cole), 52 years old, Occupation Sales Good Trader
Brother(s) NA
Sister(s) Shona Crystal MacDonald, Adopted Sister, Age 31 Occupation Lab assistant
Autumn Kitty MacDonald, Adopted Sister, Age 34 Occupation Sous chef
Kathryn Jodie MacDonald, Adopted Sister, Age 28 Occupation Admin assistant

Other Family Biological Mother: Ang Singh, Occupation Smugglers
Biological Father: Hakiro Singh, Occupation Smugglers

Personality & Traits

General Overview Annie Jin Dae Singh, is a 38-year-old former Federation Senator, and current Lieutenant Governor of New Vulcan. Annie enjoys mingling with in social functions. She loves to play chess and enjoys a good meditation.
Strengths & Weaknesses Annie has an inspiring mind, and a friendly attitude to match it. She tends to be cautious, and protects her political image.

Besides protecting her image, she loves to shop, and is a little materialistic. She always wants to collect little nick nacks, from everywhere she goes.

Ambitions To be Governor of a colony world.
Hobbies & Interests Social gathering functions, dancing, chess, martial arts and meditation. Adult coloring books, cooking, listening to music & social drinking.

Personal History Annie was born on December 3, 2391 she grew up in a middle class neighborhood. Having never really known her biological parents. For the short time she lived with them, they had a strict upbringing. That valued discipline and order. Annie always felt that she needed to compete for her parents affection.

At the age of 6, her parents walked out on her and disowned her. Annie was very defiant, and rejected her parents strict upbringing. They needed their chaos to run their smuggling empire. Annie's defiance, brought unnecessary attention on herself and the family.

At the age of 6 Annie moved in with the MacDonald family, and was raised by them. She excelled with them, and had a pretty good childhood. Deep down, Annie always wondered why her biological parents, abandon her.

At the age of 13 Annie started to notice boys, and they had noticed her as well. A young man by the name of Herbert Jack Watson. They dated from 2403 to 2405. Annie and Hewie, as he preferred to be called at the time, really had no idea what love was. They mainly dated at school. Eventually Hewie ended the relationship, because he felt that Annie was too closed mind, and would not allow in new ideas.

Annie really cared for Hewie, and took his break up with her, really hard. She has been very frosty with him, since that day. Annie never forgave him, for breaking up with her.

At the age of 15, Annie decided to try dating a young man by the name of Hector Ortiz. They had a five year relationship, that lead them all the way through high school. And into the early part of her career in politics.

At the age of 18, Annie learned her parents were smugglers, and they abandon her, because she was bringing unneeded attention on her family. But the people who told her that, also said it was the right thing to do. Because smuggling was a bad profession.

Hector and Annie dated for five years, starting in 2405 through 2410. There was some of the best years, in her life. They ended up choosing two career paths, that made it very hard for them to find time for each other. So in the spring of 2410, they ended their relationship on good terms.

In 2410 Hewie tried again to make amends with Annie, but she was not interested in being his girlfriend, or really his friend. He was a boy, that broke her heart.

Annie did still had not taken a break from dating, she immediately started to date Fedrick Woody Lynch. He was an electrician. They met when he was working on a contract at the government building she was working at.

There was a six year age gap between Annie and Freddy, which did not help matters, they had a very rocky, and firey relationship. They eventually broke up in the Fall of 2411, because Freddy found a lot of Annie's behavior to be alarming. She was a young lady, trying to discover herself. Annie found Freddy's political views too progressive, so she was more than happy to end the relationship with him, after just one year.

Service Record Annie got is first job as an admin assistant at age 18, she was Administrative Assistant to Mayor Grena, of Andor. She hated the assignment. It was to cold on Andor for her liking. Annie was grateful that Hector, would come out and visit her on Andor. She truly loved him, and lost her virginity to him.

The assignment, was not a challenging one. But she took down a lot notes, she could learn from Grena. At this stage, Annie had debated about becoming an Ambassador, but instead decided to run for a political office.

In 2411, On Tera Nova, Annie won the Mayor race in the city of Austin. She held the office for three years, when she vacated the office, and moved to Vulcan. She decided to give diplomacy a chance.

In 2414 Annie became Ambassador of Tera Nova to Vulcan. she remained Ambassador util 2420.

When she ran for another political senate, with the Earth Senate. She won a seat, and remained in this position for 5 years.

Annie got married in 2420 to Samuel Mason Barnes and took a five year hiatus, to take care of her small children at the age of 29, Annie gave birth to her first born child. When her first child was five, she decided to get back into the political arena. In 2426 Annie won her seat back in the senate. And held that position till 2429, when she won the position of Lieutenant Governor of New Vulcan.

Former Partners:

Relationship with Herbert Jack Watson

Annie and Hewie dated for two years, starting in 2403 at the age of 13. Eventually ended their relationship because Hewie felt that Annie was to closed minded to try out new ideas. Annie never forgave him, for breaking up with her. And is very frosty towards him. She is not vindictively mean, just frosty. Currently, Hewie is a receptionist back on Earth, and is happily married with three kids. They no longer keep in touch.

Relationship with Hector Ortiz

Annie and Hector dated for five years. Starting in 2405, at the age of 15. They become high school sweethearts, and tried to make it work, but in 2410 they both agreed that their careers were getting in the way of their relationship. Hector was in Starfleet and she was running for her first office position on Earth. They no longer keep in touch.

Relationship with Fedrick Woody Lynch

Annie and Freddy dated for a year. At first, they had a lot of chemistry. But their relationship was firey at best, and things went south fast. Freddy found some of Annie's behavior to be alarming. Annie found his political views to be to progressive for her liking. After a year, she dumped him. They no longer keep in touch.