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Commissioner Kristiina Peltola

Name Kristiina Peltola

Rank Commissioner

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan/Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5’5
Weight 65kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kristiina is a petit lady, but don’t be fooled by her size. She has the strength of a Vulcan and has been known to break the odd jaw.


Father Stolk Peltola (Deceased)
Mother Emmi Peltola (Deceased)
Other Family Maternal Grandmother: Johanna Franklin (Deceased)
Maternal Grandfather: Joseph Franklin (Deceased)

Paternal Grandmother: Fia Peltola (Deceased)
Paternal Grandfather: V'Laalk

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kristiina is very manipulative. She knows what she wants and how to go about getting it. She’s nice and outgoing but she has a very bad temper.
Strengths & Weaknesses + intelligent
+ Well spoken
+ A people person
+ Has the Strength of a Vulcan
+ Ages as a Vulcan

- Temper
Ambitions She wants to one day own her own moon and have staff to wait on her.

Personal History Kristiina Peltola was born December 2392 in New Berlin, Luna. She lived there with her parents Emmi and Stolk Peltola.

Emmi’s parents also lived in New Berlin. They moved their 2393 after Kristiina was born so they could see and help raise their only granddaughter.

Stolk’s parents lived on Vulcan, due to his father being one of the lead Vulcan’s at the Science Academy.

Kristiina grew up within a loving family unit. She spent time with her parents and grandparents, including the ones on Vulcan. Although her father was only a half Vulcan, he chose a Vulcan way of life. He banished most emotions from his life but Tiina always had a way of getting a smile from her father every now and then.

As she got older she grew exceptionally close to her grandmother, Fia. Although they didn’t spend as much time together, they seemed to click really well and have a good bond between them. Though her relationship with her Vulcan grandfather, V’Laalk, was a different story. They butted heads on any occasions, he called her ‘too Human for her Vulcan blood’.

In 2407, while Kristiina was on Vulcan visiting her grandparents, an EPS explosion killed her parents and maternal grandparents. As her only living relatives, Fia and V’Laalk took their granddaughter in.

The deaths of her family and the strict rule of living with V’Laalk, made Kristiina begin to rebel. She had various arguments with her grandfather and she ran away often. She went into The Forge many times, sometimes for a few days, sometimes for a few weeks.

She found schooling on Vulcan difficult due to being sent to a Vulcan school. She was bullied by other students to provoke her into an emotional response. It didn’t take the other students long to stop as she generally broke the nose of whoever taunted her. She may only have slight Vulcan features but she did have their strength.

Her grandmother turned to home schooling her. She was finally able to focus under the tutelage of Fia and finally started to enjoy her life on Vulcan.

When she turned 18 she joined Starfleet, against the wishes of her grandfather. He wanted her to follow her father’s footsteps and chose a life in the sciences. She rejected that in favour of choosing Engineering.

Her time at the academy was difficult. She had numerous meltdowns and fallings out with fellow cadets and tutors.

She lashed out several times at cadets who wanted to push her buttons. This resulted in several broken noses inflicted by Kristiina.

Starfleet Academy threatened several times to expel her but she had the support of several tutors who pleaded with the Academy Commandant to keep her there. The Commandant agreed but only if she received counselling.

Not wanting to prove her Grandfather right, by being kicked out of Starfleet, she reluctantly agreed. However, she just saw this as a game which she played well. She even convinced the Academy Counselor that she was doing better. After just two sessions she was released from the care of the Counselor.

Peltola graduated from the Academy with honours in Engineering. She was able to choose her own first assignment, which she chose the USS London, a Nebula Class vessel.

The first six months aboard the London went well. She enjoyed life aboard, making friends among the crew. Until one day the Chief Engineer touched her thigh in a suggestive manner. Instead of reporting it, instincts took over and she punch him in the nose, breaking it.

She was thrown in the brig while an investigation took place. Luckily for Kristiina she had witnesses who backed her story about the inappropriate behaviour of the Chief Engineer. However, the Chief Engineer wanted to press charges against Peltola for assault.

After negotiations with the Captain, Peltola resigned her commission from Starfleet, in return there would be no charges brought against her. At the same time the charges against the Chief Engineer were also dropped.

This angered Kristiina, she was being punished for defending herself and the person that inappropriately touched her got away without charge.

She decided to get as far away from her current life as possible. She headed to the Nyberrite Alliance where she quickly raising through the ranks, becoming a chief Engineer on their flag ship.

During her time with the Nyberrite Alliance she began to enjoy gambling. She seemed to always be on a winning streak when she played which angered her colleagues, regularly lining her pockets with their latinum.

She had a fling with the ship’s first officer, which ended badly, resulting with him receiving a broken nose after she was accused of stealing from him.

She left the Nyberrite Alliance and drifted for a while. Moving from place to place, doing occasional bar or engineering work to get by.

She began wheeling and dealing in things to make extra money. She bought a ship and started her own freight business, specialising in storing and moving rare priceless artifacts either legal or not so legal. A few years past and her reputation grew both good and bad.

She entered a high stakes dabo game with a few high rollers including a Cardassian who had a reputation for getting what he wants. Again Kristiina had a good winning streak taking all of the Cardassian’s latinum. He was furious and wanted a rematch to win his money back. He tempted her back to the dabo wheel by offering his ship as the prize. Again Kristiina won and took his ship for her own. The now enraged Cardassian hired two Nausicaan’s to kill Petlota.

The Nausicaans failed in their attempt and were found dead by the Klaestron IV authorities. Kristiina Petlota is wanted in connection with the murders.

Wanting to lay low, Kristiina liquidated her company and sold her ship. She decided to stay out of sight for a while until things blew over. She worked her way back into Federation space where she began looking for work. She didn’t expect Starfleet would welcome her back but she was a Federation citizen so she had the right to find something that she could put her business or engineering knowledge to good use.

Finally, she came upon the New Vulcan Colony. They were looking for a Director of Construction which meant she could use her Engineering skills and push herself into doing some right for a change. She applied and was accepted into the role.
Service Record 2410-2413 - Starfleet Academy - Cadet

2413-2414 - USS London - Engineer - Ensign

2414-2419 - Served the Nyberrite Alliance

2419-2424 - Drifted around

2424-2429 - Chief Executive Officer, Peltola Freight

2430-Current - New Vulcan Colony - Construction Director