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Commander Sorine Kaida

Name Sorine Kaida

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Second Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Kaida has long shoulder length strawberry blonde hair that she keeps pinned to the back of her head and bright blue eyes that are a bit startling when looked directly into. She has the telltale Bajoran nose ridges and wears a golden earring on her right ear when not on duty. She has a few scars from the incident that killed her parents that she refused to have removed.


Father Sorine Latru
Mother Freole Saria

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kaida is generally a content soul. She's not overly shy but doesn't seek out company. She finds small talk difficult and often jumps right into telling people what she does and doesn't like just to save time. She doesn't believe that there is a person out there for her and will not seek out romantic relationships, preferring to devote herself to her work. However Kaida delights in puzzles and mysteries and will gladly join in and be social if such is involved.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: -Her ability to solve mechanical problems by using all of her sense.
-Works well with others and can delegate as well as get her hands dirty.

Weaknesses: - Doesn't understand some social aspects, especially close friendships.
-Doesn't seem out friendships and therefore misses out on a great deal of harmless fun and interaction.
- Sometimes doesn't catch that not everyone knows as much about Starships as she does.
Ambitions To live a life that interests her. To go beyond the beaten path.
Hobbies & Interests Puzzles, Agatha Christie novels, rock collecting, bead making.

Personal History Born to Starfleet Officers in 2399. Sorine Kaida (the surname comes before the given name in Bajoran culture) spent the first years of her life traveling among the stars. Her parents were both pilots and enjoyed a bit of risk taking. In 2404 both of them volunteered to test a shuttle design. A malfunction occurred and both were killed when the shuttle struck a star in a nearby system. Kaida was sent to live with human godparents she had never met.

If not for the ridges on her nose, she might easily have passed for a human but despite their best efforts, Kaida always felt different. Despite how her parents had died, she never stopped looking at the stars. Though her godparents thought she might do well with a life on Earth, Kaida was always restless. She would often disappear for hours at a time until one of them found her up a favorite tree where she could see a different view of a constellation. This did not cease until she was old enough to decide for herself what she wanted to do with her life.

Kaida understands human society better than the culture she was born into. She finds it hard to believe in the Prophets, not their existence but in the belief that they are gods and not wormhole aliens. Her parents were both devout and religion is something that Kaida has struggled with her whole life. She wants to believe, to have faith but is marred by doubts brought on by the death of her parents and learning the history of the Bajoran occupation. Still, when not on duty, she wears the same earring she was given as a child in tribute to and as a reminder of them.

Upon reaching adulthood Kaida was accepted to Starfleet Academy. Though her Godparents had tried to keep her from that life she had always felt a pull. She knows that dangers lurk and that she might face the same fate as her parents but believes that space is where she truly belongs.

Though she had an initial interest in Starship design she realized that the people who designed starships rarely got to test them out so she switched her form of study to warp field theory and quantum mechanics. Kaida greatly enjoyed learning but found it difficult sometimes to concentrate with so many other students in the room. She preferred to study alone where she and her mind could come to terms with the lesson.

She made few friends at the Academy but wasn’t disliked by anyone. Her instructors found her to be capable if a bit unorthodox in her thinking. Graduation day was the happiest of her life because it meant that soon she would be traveling home.
Service Record 2417-2421 Starfleet Academy
2421-2423 USS Adelphi- Engineering Officer
2423-2425 USS Hermes- Engineering Officer
2425-2427 USS Lovell- Assistant Chief Engineer
2427-2429 Instructor at Starfleet Academy- Warp Theory