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Captain Kean Reeva

Name Kean Reeva

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species El Aurian
Age 519

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 4
Weight 240 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Masan is a tall man with a quite large muscular build. He has green eyes and dark brown hair which can vary in length from short to long, mostly kept in a long state but tied up. He usually sports an unshaven face, although it is always well kept. Due to his El-Aurian heritage he looks to be a man in his 30's.

Also has tattoo's over various parts of his body.


Father Virvan Reeva (DECEASED)
Mother Cela Reeva
Brother(s) Adri Reeva

More TBA
Sister(s) TBA

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses His strengths lie in his ability to cope with any or all situations. He is calm to the point of being cold, honest to the point of being rude and wise enough to know when to back down or quit whilst he's ahead. He is willing to put his life on the line, even if it's disobeying orders, if it results in the saving of a life he feels to be valuable.

Weaknesses to be added.
Ambitions To continue to serve Starfleet and the quadrant he calls home.

Has had remote feelings about starting a family.

Personal History Kean was born in 1910 (Earth years) on El-Auria to parents Virvan and Cela Reeva. His father was a Supreme Commander in The El-Aurian military and his mother an engineer by trade. His childhood was one of great ease and comfort as his father’s position allowed them to live as such. His mother, a credited engineer within the EDF, had worked alongside his father for almost their entire lives pushing the envelope in terms of military technology and weapons against their nemesis, The Borg.

As an El-Aurians lifespan stretches throughout the centuries Kean spent the first 20 years of his life in primary education learning mathematics and language skills that would serve his well in the future. At the age of 25 they enter secondary school and the first 15 years are spent learning more complex skills such as the social sciences of sociology, psychology and the like whilst more intricate science in physics, chemistry and biology. By the age of 40 they enter the final phase of secondary education is a 5-year speciality focus which is identified by performance criteria, intelligence factors and family background.

He was spotlighted for a military track, as he had an acute tactical mind. With his father behind him, Kean and his brothers were always tipped for this.

At the age of 45 his speciality education began at The El-Aurian Defence Force (EDF). He began his training within the EDF focusing on defensive tactics to protect their civilian and military fleets, as well as basic generalised training. During his training he contributed to the protection of the engineering team that were testing their experimental new defence shield for smaller moons, later was given the green light to be expanded to encompass larger planets and the strength to fight off Borg engagements.

In 1970 he completed his training with The EDF and was granted a commission.

The early 2200's were a time of breakthrough for his people, more specifically the engineering division. They had managed to design a code that would essentially put The Borg to 'sleep', a state of suspended hibernation but it was the job of the EDF to implement it.

Commander (Captain/Colonel) Kean went along with the small fleet whose job it was to 'infect' The Borg with something of their own. Targeting a small sphere, they attacked with great ferocity tearing down their defences, beating back the drones with sheer determination and strength. During the attack Kean suffered an injury to his right shoulder when a Borg drone attacked his as he protected an engineer implementing the code. In the attack the drone lunged at his with a knife-like implement entering his shoulder at speed and force. During the struggle the implement snapped off leaving half of it in his shoulder, and he refused to get it removed. His pain would stand as a testament to not let bullies have their day.

They were successful. Kean worked through the pain of his injured body and managed to protect those whose job it was to infect the Borg with a taste of their own medicine. Upon its activation they simply stopped, dropped and snoozed. Had They won?

Years of prosperity began; worlds began to live their lives without fear and friendships born out of love and coming togetherness that hadn't been seen for centuries. El-Auria itself became a hub of many hundreds of species that came to pay their 'respects'. Kean became quite famous as the leader of the military team that made it all happen albeit he didn't let it go to his head and kept serving his people.

Their peace lasted until the latter half of the 2260's. There had been whispers of Borg resurfacing albeit sluggishly in nature as the code seemingly began to wear off. Attacks became more frequent, more violent as they seemed to lack their collective mentality... it was almost like they were heading straight for El-Auria to enact their revenge for their near 60 years of forced sleep.

Kean oversaw the military labs that spun back into action trying to come up with an attachment to the code to strengthen it, embolden it... to put Them back to sleep. Unknown to others was that there was a secret project that had been working on a 'kill' code that would sever all links to the collective and essentially reject all mechanical implements bonded to biological parts.

2265 came. They tried, they really tried but it was a lost cause. Was there ever any hope?

Kean tried to get his kill code implemented but simply ran out of time, technology and a home world. His devastation was clear, but he took some solace in the fact he had given people nearly a century of peace from Their mechanical grasp. On The flip side there was a part of him that possibly blamed himself... did They come for Them in revenge?


The 2300's brought a new challenge, new worlds and a new quadrant.

People in this side of the galaxy had no idea what was coming, The threat The Borg were and they would be on their doorstep within their lifetimes, within the century by his calculations. He was ignored by man as the thought of mechanical men coming to infect them with technology was a completely ludicrous idea and many branded him mad. Eventually he was well known within the quadrant as the Mad El-Aurian preaching the death of the quadrant and he withdrew from his galaxy.

It was during this time he set up his own protection business, his own company Reeva Security. They specialised in again protective services for those who wanted to pay for them, after all he wasn't a charity and needed to survive.
In the year 2348 Kean’s business was booming as he managed to gain notoriety for more professional reasons. He was the personal bodyguard to the President of the United Federation of Planets. He foiled an assassination attempt on his life, which took the form of a bombing and hit squad. His actions gained him a few medals and accolades of those around him at the time.
In 2349 he handed the rains of the business over to his younger brother, Adri. Kean had decided he wanted a life in Starfleet, and after talks with the Federation President was impressed with their ideals. He was accepted into the Academy with little opposition.
In 2353 he was commissioned as an Ensign, a Security Officer on board the USS Trafalgar.

In 2365 The USS Enterprise was thrust across the galaxy and was forced into an engagement with those whom he had warned them all about, The Borg. Soon after that Starfleet sought Kean out and asked for any insight he may have on the threats he had warned them about so many decades ago.

In 2367 Kean was on the USS Euphoria at Wolf 359 when the Borg laid waste to the fleet. This time he was a Lt. Commander, Chief of Security but it made little difference in the defence of his comrades. The fleet was decimated and his ship adrift as they waited for rescue vessels, or salvage as the most cases were.

Shortly after he was reassigned to Starfleet HQ. Borg Defence Department. He was given the rank of Commander and had his own division to run as he looked at ways to adapt Starfleet technology to hinder Borg advances.

2373 – Battle of Sector 001. Kean was in command of the USS James Watt, a Sabre class vessel orbiting Starbase One at the time. His ship fought valiantly for stop the Borg advance, and some of his new tech worked in slowing them down. Thankfully the USS Enterprise intervened, and not a moment too soon. Sadly, the James Watt suffered catastrophic damage and could not be repaired.

Kean was given leave from the Borg Division of Starfleet HQ as the Dominion War began. For the course of the war he was transferred into Admiral Ross’ command as part of the lead of military operations.

Commanded USS Houston in many engagements. Retained command after Dominion War.

Took command of the USS Tirpitz, a nebula class vessel in 2388.

In 2391 he was sent to investigate The Hobus disaster. What happened? How it happened? Was it a weapon? They came up with some interesting theories but nothing concrete ever materialised.
In the 2400’s he took leave as his brother Adri took ill. He was needed for a few years to run the business but sadly couldn’t take part in any ‘operations’ due to his Starfleet status. By 2409 he returned to the fleet as head of Starfleet Security on Earth. A position he held for 20 years.

In 2429 he took command of the USS Sulaco, an old-style Cheyenne class vessel, state of the art in it’s day but that was many years ago now. He was station at New Vulcan, a colony set up within the 16th fleet. He had missed the stars and felt it was time to be amongst them once more.
Service Record 2349 --> 2353 – Starfleet Academy, Cadet
2353 --> 2358 – Security Officer, USS Trafalgar
2358 --> 2364 – Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer, USS Tempest
2364 --> 2368 – Chief Tactical/Security Officer, USS Euphoria
2368 --> 2374 – Starfleet HQ, Borg Division/Command, USS James Watt
2374 --> 2388 – Commanding Officer, USS Houston
2388 --> 2400 – Commanding Officer, USS Tirpitz
2400 --> 2409 – Personal Leave
2409 --> 2429 – Starfleet Security Director, Starfleet HQ
2429 --> PRES – Commanding Officer, USS Sulaco

El Aurian Record

1955 --> 1970 – Military Training, El Aurian Defence Force, Lolan (Cadet) -> Lo’Van (Second Lieutenant)
2267 - Disbandment of El Aurian Defence Force - Final rank of Celan (General) noted.