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Lieutenant Xalanth

Name Xalanth

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Dragonian
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 180
Hair Color None
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description Xalanth is a typical dragonian. The red scales that run along his whole upright body and to the tip of his reptilian raptor like head. The gold ring sitting on the middle of his three fingers draws a lot of attention


Spouse T'para
Children Yazar and Travla
Father Zigarth
Mother Sq'Pascia
Brother(s) Olith, Bramanth, and Caroth
Sister(s) Tirith, Canel, and Lithall.
Other Family T'Aral. (sister in law.)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Xalanth is a strange life form. The only one of his kind to join starfleet, he looks out of place in a starfleet uniform. An upright species of lizards that evolution has built to be the ultimate desert survivors. He abres the look of one who has seen many horrors and overcome all of them.

The gold rings on his middle finger draws as much as attention as the oddness off his reptilian face.
Strengths & Weaknesses Xalanth is skilled with firearms, close combat and has training as a field medic. Like all his species he has amazing regenerative abilities able to regrow lost limbs in a matter of weeks to months depending on the injury. He also has a few combat implants installed in him mostly to regulate his adrenalin, blood flow and gives him decnet night vision.

From his time in the collective of dark Xalanth does have the ability to blend with shadows. Though such act is extremely painful for him to do and he avoids it whenever possible.

Being a reptile he is very weak to cold.
He has a deadly allergic reaction to orion pheromones.
Ambitions Xalanth hopes to be a good father and hopefully have his own starship one day.
Hobbies & Interests Xalanth spends most of his free time talking with his wife and their children. When he has free time of his own he enjoys flying a yavern on the holodeck as well as keeping his skills sharp.

Personal History Xalanth like all of his species was born on the hot desert world of his home as it systems twin suns scorched the hot sand. What marked him as special is he came from one of the decoy eggs placed outside of the incubator. His survival was a time of great happiness for his family as they roamed the planet's vast desert harvesting the great beast that roamed them.

On his tenth birthday like all of his clutch he was inducted into the dragonan legion. A few years after he was initiated his people came under attack from the Yor a unknown race of robots. He barely survived the war unlike the thousands of others.

Little more than a few days after the end of the war his people encountered the federation for the first time. It did not go well as the federation ships captain fired on the approaching dragonain ships after mistaking the dragonain greeting of approaching with partly powered up weapons as a sign of attack. The three organic dragonain ships overpowered the federation ship and it’s crew captive.

Thankfully a war was avoided and the dragonians left to rebuild their damaged worlds. Xalanth unfortunately wasn’t so lucky having been killed by a federation torpedo hit on his ship and then reviving on the table. Believed to be cursed by his people he had to leave the legion.

With very little prospects he had only one real choice and that was bounty hunting along the federation/dragonain border. On one such job he encountered another federation crew hunting the same criminal. The captain was impressed by the young reptile’s skills and offered to sponsor him for Starfleet. He applied to join starfleet but found it hard to work with what he considered the very lacks rules of the academy given how he’d been brought up.

He hated life at the academy finding the lifestyle far different from his own with the lack of military discipline clashing with his own beliefs. Worse was the constant attention from the councillors who thought they wanted to help just made his nightmares worse.

Just as it looked like he would be kicked due to low grades and a fight he has with other cadets he encountered a half vulcan who changed his life.

During a terrorist incident in which the san francisco police asked for backup from the academy. Xalanth was one cadet who volunteered wanting any excuse to get out of the academy and preferably a chance to shoot something.

Whilst out on patrol he got paired with a group of medical students one of whom happened to be a certain hybrid called T’para. Despite the situation the two found each other's company to be quite nice and after the event the two started seeing each other. Xalanth couldn't help, but fall in love with the hybrid though he couldn't find the courage to tell her.

Only with the help of the prospect of him dying again gave him said courage. After being seriously hurt in an accident with another cadet during zero g training he finally worked up the courage to tell her how he felt. Much to his surprise she admitted sharing the same feelings.

Vowing to put his life back on track he did so much to the surprise of the academy staff. Though he and T’para tried to keep their feeling under control they ended up having sex before they were medically cleared. Though they suffered no side effects they both had a blotch on there records.

Xalanth managed to pass from the academy and was posted to the USS Strangelove. There he and T'para found that they would be parents. They married shortly after and became parents to Yazar the first dragonian hybrid.

Shortly after this there ship accidentally uncovered a pair of ancient collectives both of which activated. Whilst defending the ship Xalanth was killed and resurrected by the dark collective. Xalanth using his love for his daughter and his mate was able to throw of it’s control over him. He played a vital part in taking back the ship and ending the two collectives though his second death has mellowed the dragonian and there force DNA alteration has caused him no end of trouble.

Over the many years, his career in the fleet keep't going and his wife announced they were expecting another child. Sadly the universe decided to throw a spanner in the works. A group of former federation scientists abducted his unborn child and conducting many vile experiments. By the time they found her the girl had been forcefully aged and had grafted borg tech to her.

With plenty of love from her family, the girl has come to terms with what has happened to her and has began living a normal happy life.

The lizard is now ready for his next assignment. He was assigned to the Akira Class USS Liberty in 2380; however, during a freak accident, his shuttle was propelled forward to the year 2429.
Service Record 2368 first contact with the dragonian. Brief border fight ends three months later.

2369: Xalanth joins applies for starfleet academy.

2370: Writes a brief history of the dragonian people for starfleet records.

2374: Graduates the academy awarded most improved student award

2375: Assigned to USS Stragelove. Later married to T’para and becomes father to Yazar.

2376:Awarded the medal of gallantry for services in retaking the ship from hostile forces. Transfers to earth to try and remove his forcefully altered DNA.

2378: Assigned to starbase prime as chief of security after treatment fails.

2379: Awarded second medal of gallantry after repealing the borg from the station.

2380: Transferred to USS Liberty as part of the dragonian diplomatic mission.