S2, E2: Insurrection on New Vulcan Colony

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Crew of the USS Aries joins with the crews of the USS Sulaco and the USS Pioneer, to discover why New Vulcan Colony has lost contact with Starfleet Command.

Mission 2: Mischievous Neighbours

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Klingons from nearby newly established colony arrive on New Vulcan Colony offering a hand of friendship.

Could this lead to new diplomatic ties to the empire or could this lead to a D’k tahg in the back?

In the Beginning

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After the recent events with former Governor turning out to be a Romulan spy. A new Governor, a recently retired Starfleet Admiral, has been selected to lead the colony and push it forward it’s growth and success. Although he faces an uphill battle, Governor T’Val needs to regain the trust of the colonists that have already arrived and make it appealing to new citizens. An official opening of the colony has been arranged to help bring people in and out New Vulcan Colony on the map.

However, rumours run throughout the Colony that Romulan’s are still there ready to cause problems for the new administration.

Gold Rush

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The Final Frontier is about to change forever...

After the twin challenges of the Reunification of the Confederacy of Vulcan to the Romulan Star Empire and the Disaster at Vulcanis Lunar Colony, the United Federation of Planets is facing a refugee crisis involving the last loyal Vulcans toward the Federation's cause. Their world destroyed, their people scattered, the Federation has created New Vulcan to be their new home. On the fringes of Federation Space - and perilously close to the expanding Klingon Empire - things haven't gone as planned and the colony is at risk.

All of that is about to change.

After a mysterious radiation was detected in their system, a new world with vast quantities of Benamite and Dilthium - the essential components of modern propulsion - has been discovered and now people are flocking to the system with the promise of wealth and power, superseding the Vulcans themselves. Now, the civilian colony faces challenges never before imagined and Starfleet has been brought in to preserve the peace. But one question remains: where did it come from?

It's time to find out as the crews of New Vulcan Colony and the USS Sulaco set out to secure the final frontier!

Part of New Vulcan Colony Season 1

S1, E1: Passing of the Torch

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After three months, New Vulcan Colony is finally established. Under the careful eye of Admiral Coulson. Starfleet has recalled Admiral Coulson from New Vulcan Colony, and turns over command to Lieutenant Governor Annie De Singh-Barnes.

Annie is promoted to Governor, and is tasked with keeping the colony going on the straight and narrow. Her first order of business is to work with Klingon Governor and establish an Embassy on the Colony. The Klingon Empire are interested to hear what the Federation has to order.