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Some Minor Difficulties

Posted on Tue Nov 19th, 2019 @ 10:23pm by Captain Kean Reeva
Edited on on Mon Mar 2nd, 2020 @ 11:43pm

Mission: Gold Rush
Location: Various, USS Sulaco
Timeline: 2430-01-08, 11:00

The staff meeting had finished and Kean was eager to inspect more of his new ship. He had made it so that he was unannounced, he didn't want a fuss and he was never one to either. Security had been his trade, all his life and as he watched the engineers scuttle around to fix bit of the ship, to ready it for departure for their newly acquired mission to investigate the Nostromo, he smiled a little.

Kean had entered a turbolift, sharing it with a woman in overalls. "Busy day?" he asked.

"Could say that." she replied not looking up from what looked like schematics of the Sulaco.

Kean nodded as if agreeing but truly had no idea how busy her day had been. "I hear we are getting ready to leave soon. You think she'll hold together?" he joked.

"God I hope so. She's an old girl but she'll fly. So long as our new CO doesn't push her." she replied looking up as Kean leant in a little and whispered.

"I'll be sure to be gentle." he said with a smile and a reassuring pat on the should as they reached her floor.

She nodded and walked off like she'd seen a ghost, as the doors began to close he gave her a wave and a half one was returned ever so slowly.

The lift groaned, as if trying it's hardest to stay on point. Soon it reached the bridge and Kean began to walk out, to be met with a barrier.

Only one door opened and as Kean had began his walk out his left shoulder bounced off the unopened door and he stumbled out. He noticed a duty officer run towards him to help steady him but he held a hand out and began to laugh a little. "I think that will need to be looked at." he said as the officer gave him a beleaguered look. "Cant have everyone bouncing out of here like an Earth bunny can we?" he asked rhetorically before moving on to a real question. "Ready room over there?" he asked.

"Yes, Captain." the gentleman replied.

"No dangers? Hidden hazards or trap doors I should know about?" he asked in reply giving a slight nod.

"Not that I am aware of, sir."

"Very good. Carry on, Ensign." Kean replied as he made his way over to his ready room.

The doors opened, both of them this time, and he stepped inside. It was nice enough, smaller than he had expected but nonetheless fit for purpose. He ran his hand along the table noting the dust that had gathered over time and gave his seat a slap as some dust rose.

"Guess I better get my marigolds on." he said to himself, as he placed his hands on his him and began to laugh.

Captain Kean Reeva
Commanding Officer
USS Sulaco


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