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The Sulaco Situation

Posted on Sun Feb 23rd, 2020 @ 11:41am by Lieutenant JG Crarg Gavruk & Captain Kean Reeva & Commander Sorine Kaida & Lieutenant Ren T'Prell & Lieutenant Commander Thea Davenport
Edited on on Mon Mar 2nd, 2020 @ 11:50pm

Mission: Gold Rush
Location: Conference Room, USS Sulaco
Timeline: 2430-01-08, 12:00

They had set off to the location the Nostromo disappeared, their blackbox had activated but had yet to be picked up so that was their first port of call to see exactly what had caused their problems and what information they had gained so far.

Kean had called his senior staff to the conference room to get a more rounder picture of thoughts on this as well as the condition of the ship in their eyes and their respective departments. This was the first time they would meet together as a team without the Admiral present and he wanted them to be honest in their assessments of what was to come.

He stared out the window, watching the small flashes of distant stars pass as they headed to their place of interest. In his hand he held a drink, coffee of some kind but nothing too fancy, as he waited for his senior team to arrive.

Kaida entered and put a cup of coffee down in front of Kean. "I'm returning the favor," she said quietly. "Though this is what we've been drinking in engineering and I wouldn't be surprised if we found substances in it that weren't coffee. Drink carefully."

Lieutenant Crarg Gavruk stepped through the door into the Briefing Room, looking around at the others there. The Tellarite studied the room for a moment considering how best to greet the others. "I feel like I should go to sickbay and get a tetanus shot."

"Oh I think as long as we've been working on this ship, we're doomed." Kaida joked, "I'm sure you'll be fine. As will the rest of us. And as soon as we return from this mission," she said giving herself hope that they would indeed return. "We can dig a little deeper. That's when you get that shot."

The Science Officer nodded, "I already intend to schedule my appointment." He took a seat at the table, "It is interesting to me that Starfleet recommissioned this vessel so quickly after losing the Stargazer Class Carrier Sulaco near Klingon space."

Ren T'Prell walked into the conference room with a few pads in hand, his eye ahead scanning the room instead of focused on the data pads. He simple said "Greetings." before taking a seat. It was obvious he wanted to start back with the information on his pads, but he was keeping his attention up on the other officers.

The Tellarite Officer grumbled from his seat, "Hey." He looked at the Captain, "I've been researching this situation and I am a bit concerned about our mission."

Privately Kaida thought he wasn't the only one but she had already hashed out her concerns with the Captain. It was time to follow orders now, even if she was weary of them.

"Starfleet has a lot of nerve sending us out to this place, Sir," Gavruk complained. "The appearance of a gravity well out of nowhere isn't a run of the mill mission. While it appears stationary, it's going to damage the entire solar system with its sudden appearance. We need additional resources to carefully study this world," the Tellarite didn't hold back.

"We don't have them, not in time. And we have a ship in distress." Kaida responded before Kean could open his mouth. "That's our mission, studying things can come later."

"The Commander is right." Kean spoke. "Unfortunately we have a ship that is just back out of mothballs with technology that is a little dated. At the moment we are unsure as to what phenomenon is in play, whether is be a gravity well or something else. At the moment all we have is a radiation spike, loss of contact with the Nostromo and the activation of their black box." He continued as it looked like he held the room.

Kean sighed a little. "Look, I know this ship is not the best and we have been thrown into this a little too quickly for all our likings but this is what we've got and we have a job to do with it. Some of us have been in Starfleet a long time, others not so much but we know they sometimes only see things as black or white with no shades of grey." Kean added as he noticed some nods from the more experienced of his new crew.

"Lt. Gavruk I appreciate and respect your honesty, I encourage that in my officers and this is the perfect place to air it. Outside of here you cannot display your frustrations to your staff and prepare the science department as best you can. I would have liked us to have more prep time but we do not." Kean wasn't having a go at the man he was just making clear the position of a senior staff member. Tellarites were very much a species that wore their emotions on their sleeves and he wanted to show his understanding of how the man felt.

"No one in my department will know my true feelings," the Tellarite confirmed from his chair. "But, this is a genuine concern for me and for all of us. This ship is behind the times and the risks are exceptionally high for us with this mission." He leaned back in his chair, "We are all at risk with this mission."

"Lt. T'Prell if this is a gravity well as Lt. Gavruk suggests then you'll have your work cut out for you on the conn. Luckily as our Ops officer also you'll have the knowledge of how much power we will need to support our propulsion systems to keep us clear of anything nefarious. If you can liase with Commander Sorine in Engineering?" he asked rhetorically.

He then turned to his security chief. "Lt. Xalanth, I'll need you to prep your away team for the possibility of finding the Nostromos and survivors. Tie in with Dr. Davenport in medical for collection of casualties." He looked over at the good Doctor.

"Do you have all you need Doctor? I hope you stocked up on supplies before we left?" he asked.

"Absolutely sir," Thea said looking at him rather strangely. What kind of doctor wouldn't do such a thing before a mission? "Perfectly prepared, as much as . . . . humanly possible. " Though Thea was only half human she'd heard the expression before, having been raised on Earth.

Gavruk belly laughed, sarcastically, "She's the only one." He looked around, "Sorry, that wasn't meant to be out loud. I really have to work on my inner monologue."

Thea looked at him, more curious than amused but the corners of her mouth did curl up slightly.

"I am eager to crack into their comp records and flight recorder." Added Ren.

"You will get your chance Lieutenant." Kean replied. "We all have jobs to complete before we arrive at the last known location of the Nostromo. Let's get on with it people. Any problems my door is always open. If there is nothing else you are dismissed." He added leaning back in his chair, he would be the last to leave.

Kaida took the hint and rose. She needed to do eveerything she could to make sure that this ship would move in the way they wanted it to and would be burning the midnight oil, as the human expression went.

The rest of the team had nothing to add and with their dismissal rose from their seats and went back to their duties. They had a ship to find.


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