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S1, E1: Passing The Torch Timeline

Posted on Wed Nov 25th, 2020 @ 7:28pm by Governor Annie Singh-Barnes & Rear Admiral Gregory Coulson & Captain Kean Reeva & Commander Sorine Kaida & Lieutenant Commander Samuel Barnes & Lieutenant Commander Thea Davenport & Lieutenant Xalanth & Lieutenant Ren T'Prell & Lieutenant JG Crarg Gavruk & T'Mira & Lieutenant Commander Xavier Delacroix
Edited on on Mon Feb 15th, 2021 @ 5:58am

Mission: S1, E1: Passing of the Torch

This is a collection of the posts that are currently being worked on, broken down by mission date. Posts that have been highlighted in BOLD are completed. Posts that are not BOLD are still in progress. Please add your posts and joint posts to this list as you work on them. The system has been set to generate all posts in Date Order. The previously used Mission Dates are being replaced by this format to help with story flow.

This episode will take place over multiple days/weeks. To help with posting I will be placing little notes in here identifying what is going on. Please note that there is a time jump between the beginning of our current mission and our last one. If you want to explore a storyline in the mean time that is fine.

Mission Day: 2430/05/01

1400- You need to exceed expectations - T'Vuk, Barnes
1430- Working in the yard - T'Vuk, Franklin
1500 - The Dragonian, the legend, the myth, the hype! - Xalanth, Hazu
1800 - The Painting - Singh-Barnes, Barnes

Mission Day: 2430/05/02

0700 - Chaos is coming - A.Barnes, S.Barnes
0830 - More Allocations - T,Vuk, S.Barnes


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