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Fresh Meat

Posted on Tue Nov 19th, 2019 @ 9:41pm by Captain Kean Reeva & Rear Admiral Gregory Coulson & Commander Sorine Kaida & Lieutenant Xalanth & Lieutenant Ren T'Prell

Mission: In the Beginning
Location: Koss Vehicle Yard
Timeline: MD002, 08:30

Rear Admiral Gregory Coulson crossed his arms as he walked through the Courtyard of New Vulcan toward the arriving transport ship. It had been a day since he showed the Captain and First Officer aboard the Sulaco and left them to their devices, now he had the opportunity to get to meet the newcomers to the colony and the Sulaco itself. It was an honor that he was excited to be part of, even if it was something that the Governor should take responsibility for.

Too bad he wasn't here. The Governor had an emergency back on Earth and had been recalled to help the President deal with it. He understood the reasons, but the timing couldn't have been worse. He sighed at the thought of what was to come, but they would make it work. They had to make it work.

He tugged on his uniform jacket as the personnel started making their way out, wondering if he should have a sign up that had their names on it made of old Earth paper and with a black marker...

Lt. Ren T'Prell stepped off the transport on to the receiving platform with a bit of a shutter. What have I gotten myself into he thought as he looked out across the desert panorama. The truth of a desert climate sank in to the young Andorian, the copious light, the vast emptiness, and worst the heat. Still the assignment was a high priority need. The recent troubles could have easily sank the colony, and still might. And Ren had joined Star Fleet to get out of the provincial tunnels of his home colony and see the galaxy. And there are a lot of warm climates in the galaxy. That was when the Lieutenant noticed the Rear Admiral standing in receiving, sending the slightest of shivers up his antenna. He walked over quickly to the officer tying to cover the initial misgivings from his face.

"Sir, Lt Ren T'Prell, " he said, arriving at attention, " formerly from the Liberty."

"Lieutenant," Admiral Coulson said with a slight nod of respect. He motioned to the duo to his right, "Have you met Captain Reeva or Commander Sorine? They're of the Starship Sulaco. As are you."

Commander Sorine twidlded her thumbs literally as she waited for people to begin arriving. She literally didn't know what else to do as she was never one for parties. Kaida would rather work all night than attend any kind of social event such as this. She smiled as someone beamed in though. He looked as if he might snap if he stood up any straighter.

"The person who needs to go to ease is Commander Sorine," Coulson quipped.

"Hmm?" Kaida said looking up at the sound of her name being spoken.

Kean was happy helping himself to the buffet, tucking in to what ever food had been brought out. He did love to eat...

Looking over he saw the Admiral talking to a young blue fellow and finished his drumstick, wiped his face with a napkin and moseyed on over. "You should try the spread they've laid out here. I could stay here all day."

"Greetings Captain. I am Lt T'Prell." Ren replied, stiffly offering his hand in a copy of the human ritual. "This spread, it is not all Vulcan style foods I hope."

Taking the man's hand he offered a small bow, as was his peoples custom, and shook it firmly. "I do believe there is some Andorian in the cooler section, as well as some Terran dishes. I even think there might be some Bolian food, but I'd steer clear... their digestive system is definitely unique!"

Kaida raised her eyebrows but was glad she hadn't ventured onto anything other than the food she was familiar with. She'd just been nibbling anyway, a little bit of this and that.

"Oh I made mistake once. Bolian food."Ren replied "My first posting was a Deep Space station with a Bolian XO who was beyond proud of their culinary skills. Oppashious is a dish for a stronger digestive system than my own. "

"Interesting," Coulson answered. "I had served with a Bolian once or twice before and their food certainly is not for the feint of heart. They're bodies have adapted to be able to handle even the most corrosive of acids. So, they can survive my cooking. This was prepared by Frinzo from the colony. Captain, Commander what do you think of our little colony?"

"To be honest sir, I've only explored it enough so that I wouldn't get lost." She was a routine person and needed that stability in her life since losing her love. Kaida was slowly coming back to herself though. Through her work she had healed her heart and mind.

The door slid open catching evryones attention. Stepping through came the colony's security chief who anyone could tell was in a bad mood. Unlike most from the Liberty, the time jump had hit him very hard. Finding out his two girls were now grown up making their own way in the fleet, had a son who had grown up without him and was about to be a grandfather for the second time would spook anyone, yet the Dragonian was taking it harder than most. Despite the reassurance from his mate, he was still thinking this was somehow his fault.

Still, his mood didn't stop him from standing to attention as he announced himself. " Lieutenant Xalanth reporting for duty." He said in a professional manner.

Thea had been just standing around but when she saw Xalanth she waved happily in his direction, so glad to see someone she knew. She didn't want to interrupt his conversation with the Admiral or any of the other command staff so she remained silent. If he wanted to talk to her he could approach.

"Nice to see you, Lieutenant," Greg said from nearby. "I have heard many amazing things. Very happy to have you with us." He returned his attention to the previous comment quickly, "I'm new here myself. This colony has certainly had an interesting life. I would offer you all a tour, but my familiarity with it is probably not much better. With luck though your time here will be limited as you explore space near the colony."

"Xalanth, it good to see you again." Ren said. "After the debriefing I wasn't sure if they were going assign us all back together. I can imagine the councilors arguing which would be better. To keep us together for mutual support, or spread us out as to not dwell. I feel they choose properly, but I am bias."

What could be a smile appeared on the reptiles face at the sight of his crewmates. " It's nice to see you all again. I apologize for my late arrival, my mate needed a hand moving a few things in and I had a list of security issues to look over."

"Always working." Ren chuckled, "More dedicated than the Vulcan. But you are not the last one. We are still waiting for the Doctor." And then the young andorian realized that was the last transport to arrive. "Actually if the Doctor is not with you, then she must already be here somewhere. You were not the only who tried get a head of the job. Reviewing transit-logs aren't the most exciting read, but I had plenty of time while getting here." The lieutenant took a step out from the group to look for the Doctor in the receiving area.

"It's certainly been an interesting voyage for several of you. With the temporal incident that brought you here there's been a lot of history for you all to catch up on," the Admiral commented. "Fortunately we have one of the best Temporal Integration Counselors here on the station that we could ever hope to meet."

A long series of chimes sounded in the distance. The Rear Admiral knew what that meant, "It's almost time for our afternoon meetings. I hope that you will all find the food enjoyable, we'll be transporting aboard the Sulaco soon enough."

Rear Admiral Greg Coulson
Commanding Officer
New Vulcan Colony

Captain Kean Reeva
Commanding Officer
USS Sulaco

Commander Sorine Kaida
Executive Officer
USS Sulaco

Lieutenant Xalanth
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Sulaco

Lieutenant Ren T'Prell
Chief Flight Control/Operations Officer
USS Sulaco


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