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You need to exceed expectations

Posted on Thu Aug 6th, 2020 @ 6:03pm by Ensign T'Vuk & Lieutenant Commander Samuel Barnes
Edited on on Thu Aug 6th, 2020 @ 6:04pm

Mission: S1, E1: Passing of the Torch
Location: Transportation Building
Timeline: 2430/05/01 1400 hrs

T'Vuk wasted very little time entering the office of Lieutenant Commander Samuel Barnes, the Transportation Director. "Mister Director, your vessels are inefficient, they can not keep up with the demands being made on them." T'Vuk responded, in a cold-hearted vulcan like tone.

T'Vuk was very displeased with how long it was taking the transportation teams, to deboard the transports and reload them again. Because of his teams lack of ability to keep on schedule, it was slowing down his production times.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” Sam replied with a sigh. “I have been requesting some new ones and as yet have received nothing .”

"You should motivate your workers to pick up their slack, they are taking to long between stops, and productivity in your lines is down 18%." T'Vuk pointed out to Sam.

“My workers are doing an excellent job,” Sam defended them. This was directed as him as well. “They have been working at capacity...” he paused. “And you are?”

"Construction Supervisor of the yard." T'Vuk pointed out to him, a calm and collected tone. "Praise of sub parr performance is not high praise Commander Barnes." T'Vuk said, still in his collected voice.

Sam was becoming irritated. “I am Lieutenant Commander Barnes, director of transportation which I just recently took over. If there is a specific complaint, you have let me have it and I will take care of it. When I arrived things were chaotic but things have improved and things are running at top standard.” He wasn’t going to be pushed around by him.

"Interesting." T'Vuk said, in a calm and collected voice. Clearly he was like all other humans, full of emotions and not able to separate emotions from logic. Pity T'Vuk thought. Feeling sorry for him. "Length of time in your position should not be an excuse. You should treat it as a starting point to improve Commander." T'Vuk suggested to him, offering him some critical feedback that he desperately needed.

“”I am not making excuses,” Sam returned calmly. “I am meeting the expectations of my position and then some. I know I do my job well and those under me are as well. If I wasn’t my superiors would have already informed me.” His eyes met his evenly.

"I have already submitted complaints; my visit was more of a formality." T'Vuk pointed out to him. Expecting this human to react the way he did. He knew his message would not fall on deaf ears, with the council of elders. This was still a Vulcan Colony.

“Then I am certain I will hear from them,” Sam replied with a smile. He knew he was doing his job and doing it well. He had increased the productivity when he first arrived and things were still headed up. “I appreciate your coming.”

"I expect you would do the same, if our situations were reversed." T'Vuk told him, with a straight logical look on his face.

“I would,” Sam replied. “With one exception. I would have gone to you first, then if I felt I had gotten nowhere then to my superiors but then that is the way I am made.”

"So you would neglect your duties, out of some whimsical bound of loyalty to me? How ill logical, we do not know each other Commander. There is no reason to risk your career for me." T'Vuk suggested to Sam. He wanted him to see how ill logical his plan was.

“I wouldn’t wait until things were neglected to that point,” Sam countered. “I would be in your office at the first sign of a problem. It’s a shame you waited until you felt things were neglected in your department.”

"Then your suggesting that you are incapable of preforming your duties Commander?" T'Vuk asked, not really sure why he would not do his job. "Your job is to keep our transports going, and so far you have not been obtaining that goal, given your attitude I can see why that is." T'Vuk pointed out to him. In a calm collected voice.

“This is where we differ,” Sam had a feeling there was a reason this Vulcan was bent on trying to agitate him. Even Annie said he was the calmest person she knew. “I have kept the goals given to me when I started here, most days we are surpassing them. You are not my judge nor am I required to defend myself, especially when I know without a doubt we are doing our job.”

T'Vuk was not surprised by his answer. "In this line of work, you need to exceed your goals, push yourself and your team to its full potential. To quote a human term for your vernacular. If you are always playing defense, you will never play offense and win the game." T'Vuk pointed out to him, hoping that sunk hoping that piece of logic, would sip into the thoughts of Sam.

“Thank you for those words of wisdom,” Sam returned. His people were working harder than they ever had and he was teaching them to do even more. “I will take it under advisements.” He folded his arms over his chest.

"That is all I can ask of you." T'Vuk said in a calm and collected voice. He hoped that he was listening. T'Vuk wanted him to succeed. He was the husband to the Governor. And he was not a bad officer, just needed a little molding.

Sam would honestly take a look at his department again. He want perfect by any means, no one was. There was a chance he had a team that wasn’t performing. If so they would regret it, he didn’t accept anything less than top performance. “It looks like you succeeded in your mission.” Sam said with a smile. He was proud of himself, he hadn’t once showed any negative emotion.

"This was not a race, or an arbitrary objective." T'Vuk pointed out to Sam. "I was simply stopping by to inform you what had transpired, and offering a potential course of action." T'Vuk said, his actions were more smug like, than his tone was. But the intent was pretty clear to the two of them.

“Like I said,” Sam replied, not missing what he would call a condescending attitude. “I appreciate it.”

"I think is as you humans would say, is my time to exit." T'Vuk responded as the scene starts to fade away.


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