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Working in the Yard

Posted on Wed Aug 19th, 2020 @ 4:16pm by Ensign T'Vuk & Cadet Sophomore Grade Ethan Franklin
Edited on on Wed Aug 19th, 2020 @ 4:18pm

Mission: S1, E1: Passing of the Torch
Location: T'Vuk's Office
Timeline: 2430/05/01 1430 hrs

JP with T'Vuk and Ethan Franklin

Working in the Yard
T'Vuk's Office
MD005 1430 hrs

T'Vuk wanted to meet up with Cadet Franklin as soon as possible. He hated doing the standard residency programs. These Cadets were not ready for level of dedication. "Come in Cadet." T'Vuk called out from his desk.

Ethan walked in feeling a little nervous. He had heard that T’Vuk was serious minded and liked to push until he got the best from others. Ethan wanted to impress him not come off as anything else.

"Cadet Franklin, do you know why you are here?" T'Vuk asked, as he got passed all the starfleet nonsense of reporting in to him. He never understood why Starfleet did that.

“For my residency,” Ethan replied immediately. He kept his eyes on T’Vuk and a serious expression on his face.

"Correct, you will be shadowing me for command residency training for this rotation." T'Vuk pointed out to Ethan. His tone was sterile. Just like his posture and his demeanor.

“It is an honor to have been assigned to you,” Ethan returned seriously. Though T’Vuk had a reputation for being a hard taskmaster Ethan knew he wouldn’t be better prepared.

T'Vuk just looked at him, he wondered what did he mean by that. His tone was neutral, he did not want to frighten the young cadet. "Report to the docks at 1400 hours tomorrow. I will meet you here in this office." T'Vuk ordered, as he got ready to dismiss the Cadet.

“Yes Sir,” Ethan nodded. He waited to be dismissed, knowing he needed to hear the words.

Day 2, 1400 hrs

"On time, very good Cadet Franklin, follow me please." T'Vuk said, as they headed out of his office, without him reporting in.

Ethan took a deep breath. He had set three alarms, gotten up really early and left early as well so there would be no way he would be even a second late. He followed T’Vuk as he walked, thinking this was going to be a long day.

"Are you good at multi-tasking Cadet?" T'Vuk asked, trying to figure out where to put the cadet, so he could get the most exposure, and education from within his unit.

“Yes Sir.” Ethan replied honestly. He excelled at having more than one thing going on, it kept him busy.

"Good, because you will be working with the alpha crew, shadowing one of my foreman's on the assembly line. Were building three new automated workabees to help with the construction efforts in orbit." T'vuk said to Ethan, to see what type of human reaction he would give.

Ethan listened to his words and could barely contain his excitement. “When do I start and where am I headed?”

"You can start as soon as you are ready." T'Vuk said, a little surprised by the cadet's enthusiasm.

“I am ready,” Ethan returned. He hoped he wasn’t coming across as a suck up, he just wanted to do the best job he could.

"Then Follow me, I will introduce now." T'Vuk said, as the scene starts to fade away.


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