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Chaos is coming

Posted on Mon Nov 9th, 2020 @ 8:07pm by Governor Annie Singh-Barnes
Edited on on Mon Nov 9th, 2020 @ 8:08pm

Mission: S1, E1: Passing of the Torch
Location: Walking around the facility
Timeline: 2430/05/02 0700 hrs

Annie was ingrating into her new role. She heard the presidents cabinet would be arriving in a few days, and they had a lot to get ready for his arrival. He wanted an update, now that Starfleet gave control back to Federation Council. Annie knew she had to get this right, she looked over to her loving husband as she started to get ready. "Samuel you looked concerned." Annie said, deciding she would rather focus on what was bothering him at the moment.

“Just thinking about a work issue,” Sam replied as he started getting dressed. “Looking at it from all sides.” He smiled at her then. “You are going to impress them, you know that right?” He didn’t want to add to her already busy schedule, he could handle this.”

"I hope so, its not every day we get to prepare for the arrival of the president." Annie said, as she took a deep breath. "You will be there for prep meeting, yes?" Annie asked, curious what his schedule was looking like. He should be there, he is the transportation director for the colony.

“Definitely,” Sam nodded. “As your transportation director I should be in the know and aware of any changes that need to be implemented.” He smiled at her. “As you know I handle change well.”

Annie grinned, she knew that he mostly spoke the truth. She wondered if he missed his true calling. Being a politician. Instead of Starfleet Officer. "We might all have to change, before its all said and done."

“Change is constant in our jobs,” Sam said quietly. “I plan to be the one person who doesn’t give you headaches.” He looked at himself in the mirror. “You are good at sifting out unnecessary changes, I know if you ask me for one it is with good cause.”

"Change can be a good thing, I am hopeful that 2430 will be a good year for change." Annie said, with a big grin on her face.

“See,” Sam grinned. “Things are looking up already.” He stopped beside her. “Time for breakfast?” He hoped so, he was hungry.

Annie wondered what he meant by the word 'See.' She was not sure, so she just grinned and smiled. Then continued to listen on. "I am starving." Annie said, agreeing that it was time for breakfast. She could hear her stomach growl.

“You and me both,” Sam continued. “Shall we stop on the way or replicate and hope we don’t wake up the kids?”

"Stop on the way." Annie said, wanting to spend some time just walking with him. With kids, they rarely had moments to themselves. So it would be nice to take advantage of it.

“That was my thought,” Sam said as he opened the door for them to head out, waiting for her. “We will be able to carry on some adult conversation,” he grinned at her. “You remember what that is?”

"They are bigger kids, not little kids. We already have adult conversations. I was more hinting at the fact, we will be able to enjoy each others company on the walk, is all." Annie said, with a humbling smile on her face.

“It will be nice to just talk to each other,” Sam said in agreement. He smiled to himself, thinking Lucy at three was a little kid to him.

"She will tell you, that she is a big girl. Just ask her." Annie said, with a humbling grin on her face.

“She will,” Sam acknowledged with a smile. “Sometimes I am amazed at the things she says. She is smart.”

"She can be a little manipulator, and has a sense of smarts to her that is way beyond her current age level." Annie said, feeling very proud of her, despite the fact she is a little trouble maker.

“We have been lucky so far,” Sam said with a grin. “Give them a few years and we are going to have our hands full.” He remembered how much trouble he got in as a child.

"Tell me about it, they must get that from their father." Annie suggested in a teasing yet playful manner.

“I won’t deny it,” Sam grinned. “I am the first to agree I was an adventurous child who felt my fathers hand more than once.”

"I see, so your suggesting I married a bad boy?" Annie asked in a teasing voice.

“No suggestion,” Sam laughed. “That is part of my attraction for you. I am not afraid to speak my mind and I make life interesting.”

"Pitty, I like bad boys." Annie said, continuing her pursuit of teasing him. She then continued on, after listening to him, toot his own horn a little to loudly. "You do make things interesting." Annie pointed out to him, but she left him hanging, wondering if it was good or bad.

“In a good way I trust,” Sam grinned. “Otherwise you never would have married me and blessed me with our children.”

"Are you trying to be a buzz kill." Annie said, with a big grin.

“No,” Sam grinned. “I am feeling positive today and looking forward to some changes I intend to implement.” He walked beside her and continued. “And our oldest has informed me I should come home and have lunch with them. I explained, however, I make no promises.”

"Promises are dangerous, in my line of work." Annie pointed out to Sam. She hoped he would be able to deliver, what he was proposing to her.

Sam looked at her quizzically. “Why do I feel like there is some underlining meaning to your words?”

"The life of a politician my love." Annie said, not really answering his question.

“So your giving me a warning,” Sam shook his head and laughed softly. “But not the reason behind it.” He opened the door for her so they could get some breakfast. “I am up to the task and won’t disappoint you, whatever it is.”

"Yes." She said, continuing her short and to the point dialogue. She wanted to prepare her husband for dealing with politicians.

“In a strange sort of way I get that,” Sam admitted. “Cryptic messages cna be quite common place.”

"This is why I married you, I love the sharp keen mind of yours." Annie said, with a big grin on her face.

Sam smiled to himself, thinking back to first meeting her. Fate had been more than kind to the two of them. “I couldn’t begin to list all the reasons I love you.” He said as he looked at her.

"Mister Romantic, love it." Annie said, with a big grin. "It's going to be a long day, but I am glad we could spend this time, just walking together." Annie said, with a humbling grin on her face. The scene starts to fade away.

“As am I,” Sam grinned. It was time to get to work, next time he saw her it would probably be on opposite sides of a table. He wasn’t concerned he respected her position as she did his.

A joint post by Annie and Sam Barnes


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