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Agreeable to meet you

Posted on Fri Jan 1st, 2021 @ 5:05am by Ensign T'Vuk & Lieutenant Commander Samuel Barnes

Mission: S1, E1: Passing of the Torch
Location: T'Non's Diner, New Vulcan Colony
Timeline: MD002 0900 hrs

T'Vuk had grabbed a bowl of Plomeek Soup. After his meeting with Director Barnes, the husband of Govener Barnes. He had worked up a small appetite. T'Vuk liked the Plomeek Soup at T'Non's Diner. The Vulcan Chef at the Dinner, knew how to properly make the time cherished dish.

T'Vuk sat in his seat, all proper like. Taking small sips, to savor every taste illuminating from the soup. His taste buds were savoring by the sweet intoxication that was Plomeek Soup.

T’Lin walked into the diner and looked around before deciding to get something to eat before she found a place to sit. She was surprised to find they had some Vulcan quinine and decided to try the soup but she was certain it would pale in comparison to what she was familiar with.

After T'Lin got her soup, she looked around, contemplating where to sit and decided to approach the Vulcan make sitting at a table by himself.

T'Vuk noticed a fellow Vulcan approaching his position. He debated in his mind, if he should reach out to her. But that did not seem logical. The only reason he wanted her to sit next to him, because he found her to be attractive. That was not a good reason, in his mind. He remained silent, as she walked near his direction.

T’Lin paused as she looked around. There were no empty tables available. She stopped at the table and spoke. “Would it be acceptable for me to share your table?”

"The table belongs to Starfleet. I am merely just sitting in this spot. If you prefer to sit next to me, that would be agreeable." T'Vuk pointed out to the Vulcan lady.

T’Lin set her tray down and sat for a moment before speaking. “I am T’Lin I prefer to sit here.” She looked around at the other tables, where the others seemed deep in conversation.

T'Vuk watched as T'Lin took a seat near him. "What brings you to New Vulcan?" T'Vuk asked, not sure if she was visiting or a resident of this colony world.

“I was assigned a position here,” T’Lin replied. “At the Saavik Medical Complex.”

"What is your profession?" T'Vuk asked, in a collected and calm tone. He was curious, if she was a nurse, medical assistant or a Doctor.

“I am a doctor,” T’Lin explained. “I arrived late yesterday and have my initial meeting this afternoon.”

"As the Humans would say, welcome to New Vulcan. You will find this colony can be a little chaotic and very unpredictable." T'Vuk pointed out to her.

“That is logical,” T’Lin replied. “There are many species here and some think more out of their feelings and less with their mind.”

"Emotions seem to govern a lot of the races, that now call New Vulcan home. Perhaps Logic will allow them to govern their emotions." T'Vuk stated, knowing darn well that the humanoid races would not be interested in logic.

“Logically that is doubtful,” T’Lin replied. “The humans live through their feelings and leave logic as an after thought.”

"Spock believed that logic was the first step, what do you think?" T'Vuk asked, curious to hear what her response was going to be. He was lightly changing the topic, but it was still related to the conversation, they were having.

“I believe that you need to be logical in all things,” T’Lin said after a moment. “There was a time when I believed that only logic was the key but I admit that there is merit to looking at some situations with a bit of emotions.”

"Emotions will always influence us, the trick I believe is to learn to blend it with logic. As Spock said, logic is only the first step." T'Vuk said, feeling like he just repeated, what he had just said.

T’Lin thought for a moment. “I agree with that statement. It has to be both, neither works without the other.”

"I was expecting you to argue that logic was the only way." t'Vuk pointed out to T'Linn. Was she just as progressive as he was?

T’Lin looked at him. “It is illogical in my mind to go simply with what you have been taught and not to make decisions for yourself.”

"What have your studies taught you to this point?" T'Vuk asked, fascinated by her response so far.

“To make my own choices based on experience,” T’Lin returned. “And not on preconceived opinions of others.”

"I think that's what every Vulcan wants deep down." T'Vuk suggested in a calm voice.

“Not every Vulcan is willing to do something about it,” T’Lin replied. “I want to know more. I have always questioned things.”

"The only way to learn according to the scientific method is to question everything, and make no assumptions." T'Vuk pointed out.

“If that we’re true then most Vulcans would not look down on the human way of using their emotions,” T’Lin replied. “They would respect and accept their way of life.”

"You don't respect their way of life?" T'Vuk asked, with a confused tone. His face was calm and collected.

“I respect their way of life,” T’Lin said calmly. “And I am interested in studying them deeper.”

"The interaction of others, is a fascinating discovery." T'Vuk suggested to T'Linn. He agreed with her on that.

“I plan to learn whatever I can from them,” T’Lin informed him. “I am very interested in their way of life.”

"There are so many races out there, which race are you referring too?" T'Vuk asked.

“I am referring to those from Earth at the moment,” T’Lin replied. “But I want to gain knowledge from many races.” She looked directly at him. “One cannot gain too much.”

"Is that why you came to New Vulcan, to learn from human colony here?" T'Vuk asked.

“I came to work in the medical department,” T’Lin replied. “I am good at my job and it is for that I took this position. On a personal level I am interested in learning about others.”

"I have no doubt, you will get that opportunity on New Vulcan, our colony is starting to become very diversified." T'Vuk pointed out.

“What have you observed?” T’Lin asked him. “About operations here.”

"Rules are little to relaxed." T'Vuk said. He hated how loose the rules were. Humans were not as disciplined as he was.

“What is the point of rules if they are not followed?” T’Lin asked him, curious for his answer.

"That is the question I ask as well. So far no reasonable answer has been provided." T'Vuk pointed out.

“It will be one I will endeavor to find the answer to as well,” T’Lin said plainly. “It is not logical.”

"Welcome to Humanity." T'Vuk simply pointed out, as the scene starts to fade away.

T’Lin thought about his words for a moment and thought things would be interesting to say the least.


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