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Rain of Fire

Posted on Sun Nov 10th, 2019 @ 11:33pm by Rear Admiral Gregory Coulson
Edited on on Mon Mar 2nd, 2020 @ 11:40pm

Mission: Gold Rush
Location: Starship Nostromo
Timeline: 2430-01-08, 02:50

"This had better be important, Lieutenant," Captain Niq'no Zafel said as he passed through the turbolift doors onto the Bridge of the Nostromo.

Lieutenant Iallo Nemam rose from the Captain's Chair and turned toward her Captain, "At three in the morning I wouldn't wake you unless it was, Captain." She carried a cup and saucer with her as she walked toward the Captain, gently handing it over, "I thought I'd get your tea ready for you because you're going to be up for a while with this one."

The Bolian Captain accepted the drink, "I was afraid you'd say that. What do we got?"

"Computer, display sensor scan," Nemam said as she walked to her Science Station. On the main viewer a sensor scan of the region appeared. In it the Trimble System, home to New Vulcan appeared, and a section of space was highlighted in red. Text appeared in red: UNKNOWN RADIATION TYPE DETECTED!

"Are we or the colony at risk, Lieutenant?" Niq'no asked as he sat down in his Command Chair.

"Unknown," the Trill answered adjusting readouts on her panel. "We're a bit far away for an indepth scan, but I think this warrants a closer look."

Helm Officer Susi Gemperle looked up from the Helm, "I already have a course laid in."

"Very well," the Captain said from his chair. "Engage."

It was only a short trip for the Nostromo until they arrived in the region of the unknown radiation bloom. The Captain was no longer in his seat and was instead pacing around the Bridge, hoping for good news instead of bad.


"Sensors are detecting the radiation once more, but the levels have reached nominal levels. We are not at risk," the Trill Science Officer informed.

"So what is it?" Zafel asked as he approached the Scientist.

She typed on her panel, "I'm detecting normal background radiation at this time. It's certainly strange. The readings that we got earlier... they indicated an unknown energy type."

"But it's gone now?" The Bolian questioned.

"I'm sorry, Captain, I really can't explain this," the Trill said from the Science Station.

"It's fine," Zafel snipped as he walked back toward his chair. "I'm going to go back to my quarters and try to get some sleep. Let's get back on our normal course. Susi, take us back on our original patrol route. Engage at Warp Five."

The young Swiss woman nodded, "Aye Captain."

Zafel sighed, "Iallo, you have the Bridge. Try not to call me again unless there's a true..."

Alarms started to blare throughout the bridge of the small Defiant Class ship as it rocked from left to right. The Captain and most of the Bridge crew hit the floor as the strain pulled at the ship, consoles erupting into sparks as the lights dropped and flickered. Using all his might, Niq'no pulled himself back up onto his chair. "Report!"

Lieutenant Nemam had pulled herself back into her chair. She typed on the panel, "I'm detecting a gravity well! There's a planet here!"

"Full impulse," the Captain demanded.

"Engines aren't responding!" Gemperle replied as her fingers raced over the curved Helm workstation. "We're being pulled in."

Saalih el-Amara typed on the Engineering Station, "Our Hull is critical and shields are failing!"

"We're being pulled to the surface," Susi warned. "I can't get control over the engines."

"Our engines are overloading!" el-Amara added. "Our core is about to..."

It was over as quickly as it started for the Starship Nostromo. Captain Niq'no Zafel watched as the Bridge of the small Defiant Class ship was torn to pieces around him, the wave of fire overtaking the ship as their Core exploded. The Starship Nostromo broke to pieces in orbit over the new world and fell to the surface, a rain of fire upon the world.


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