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Agreeable to see you again

Posted on Tue Feb 16th, 2021 @ 9:30pm by Ensign T'Vuk & Ensign T'Lin
Edited on on Tue Feb 16th, 2021 @ 9:30pm

Mission: S2, E2: Insurrection on New Vulcan Colony
Location: Mess Hall
Timeline: MD001 0605 hrs

"Look at the cadets, they appear to be starting off their run on a good pace set." T'Vuk suggested to T'Lin as she sat down next to him. He choose a window in the mess hall. And happened to notice the cadets running by.

“They are most suitable,” T’Lin acknowledged. She watched them as they continued on their way and turned to T’Vuk. “They were chosen wisely.”

"Chosen? My understanding is most cadets volunteer. Where you chosen?" T'Vuk asked. He was a little surprised by her comment.

“They have chosen wisely to come here,” T’Lin corrected herself. “This is an intelligent choice.”

"The choice is sound, and logical." T'Vuk suggested, agreeing with her observation.

"There will be many changes in a short time," T'Lin observed. "Even in the short time I have been here many have arrived and development is moving at a substantial rate."

"That is to be expected. This colony, can be scene as a front to undermine the unification movement on Ni'Var." T'Vuk suggested to T'Lin. The idea that the Romulans were now living on the Homeworld, and they changed the name of the planet, was a bit much for him to take in.

New Vulcan Colony, should have been called New Ni'Var Colony. But it was not. Which can be scene as an attack against the ideals of the Vulcan and Romulan unification effort.

T’Lin looked over at him and considered her words carefully. “Are you not in accord with New Vulcan and the plans that have been made for it?”

"You were referring to the changes in a short time. I responded to that comment, my feelings on the idea or concept of New Vulcan is ill-relevant. I am on New Vulcan, because Starfleet assigned me to the colony." T'Vuk pointed out to her. He did not know her well enough, to express his emotions.

“Understood,” T’Lin said quietly. “I have found medical to be suitable and efficient. I requested a transfer to New Vulcan.”

"Logically my next question would be, why did you request a transfer?" T'Vuk asked. His curiosity was getting the better of him.

“I joined Starfleet to explore,” T’Lin explained. “And to observe other species as well as to work in the medical field.” She turned to him. “This was a logical choice.”

"While that is an answer, that by no means answers the question I asked of you. Why did you choose New Vulcan, over all other choices?" T'Vuk asked again.

“I did research and took a logical approach,” T’Lin returned. “I would learn more here than at the other choices I was given.”

"The question was why, but clearly you are not going to answer the question, so I move the narrative forward." He had a feeling that she probably supported the New Vulcan doctrine. But he was not sure.

T’Lin looked at him wondering what it was that had him so negative towards the ideal of what the Federation was trying to achieve. “I want to be a part of what the Federation is doing here.”

"oh I see, I was not sure if part of your motivation to be here was based on the ideals of New Vulcan." T'Vuk suggested to her.

“I sensed there was something you wished to know,” T’Lin said plainly. “Why not just state your question? I would be honest.”

"Their are social dynamics to consider, I may be Ni'Varian but I am not rude." T'Vuk pointed out to her.

“Understood,” T’Lin said quietly. “It is always suitable to be polite when at all possible but there are times when being honest or Frank is acceptable.”

"In our society, but other cultures do not like it when you are direct or confrontational." T'Vuk pointed out to her. She needed to see past Ni'Varian customs.

“I see the logic behind that,” T’Lin said after a moment of thought. “I have observed this in the past.”

"Very well, the inquiry has been fulfilled. What plans do you have later on?" T'Vuk asked, thinking it was time to change the topic.

“I have none,” T’Lin replied. She had thought of going home or possibly for a walk. She waited for him to continue.

"I think we both have sufficiently addressed the current topic." T'Vuk pointed out, as he continued on. "Some of my colleagues suggest that I participate in socitial gatherings, and have invited me to the local establishment, or as they prefer to call it the watering hole. According to my research, its customary to come with a date." T'Vuk started to tell her, as he paused for a moment.

“I believe it would be in our best interests to attend,” T’Lin said after a moment of thought. “I wish to attend as well, would I be suitable to accompany you?”

"It would be agreeable for you to join me during this event." T'Vuk said, feeling relieved that she said yes to his offer.

“What time should I be ready,” T’Lin inquired. “And where should I meet you?”

"2150 Hours would be the ideal time. Is that sufficient time?" T'Vuk asked her. "The construct of events would dictate, we arrive by 2200 hours, at least stay one hour, have a drink or two. The call it a night." T'Vuk pointed out to T'Lin.

“That will be suitable,” T’Lin replied. “It will be an acceptable amount of time to show an interest in their gatherings.” She looked at him. “You did not indicate where to meet.”

"I can stop by your place, to pick you up. I believe that is the proper protocol." T'Vuk pointed out to her.

“That would be acceptable,” T’Lin replied. Even though he stated this was obligatory to connect with the crew she was looking forward to being his date.

"I'll see you tonight then." T'Vuk said, as the scene starts to fade away. He was pleased, that she responded favorably to his request. Inside, he was smiling.

“I will be ready,” T’Lin replied. She turned to return to work.

A joint post by Ensign T'Vuk and Ensign T'Linn


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