A New Day

Posted on Tue Feb 16th, 2021 @ 9:40pm by Governor Annie Singh-Barnes & Lieutenant Commander Samuel Barnes
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Mission: S2, E2: Insurrection on New Vulcan Colony
Location: Various
Timeline: MD001 0600 hrs

Annie started to walk her children out the door when she noticed the cadets running in the near by distance. "Some point I will get use to that." Annie said, as she looked to her kids and to Sam. It was an early start, and the kids were dragging their feet.

0600 hours was to early for them, or so they told their parents every morning.

“I think we all will but it will take a while,” Sam said with a nod. “There’s a lot to get used to here.”

"You would think a month into living here, that we would be use to it. I am still having a hard time adapting to the heat." Annie pointed out.

“It seems like it’s taking us a lot longer than our kids,” Sam agreed.

"They adapt easier than we do." Annie said, feeling a little envious of that fact.

"Do you think we were like that?" Sam asked her with a grin. "At what point did we change and because less adapting."

"Kids adapt easier than we do. It's biology, don't try to over analyze it." Annie suggested to him.

“You know I was just giving you a hard time.” Sam said with a smile. “Once our blood thins out some we won’t even notice the heat anymore.”

"I hope your right, I have a feeling will be on this colony for a while, my love." Annie suggested to him, hoping that he got her meaning. She had plan on running again, when it came time.

“I don’t see us being moved any time soon either,” Sam agreed with a nod. He was with her a hundred percent.

"Good, we should get in the transport now. As much as I appreciate the weather, I appreciate the air conditioner even more." Annie said, with a big grin on her face.

“Agreed,” Sam said with a nod. “I just took a shower and don’t want to go to work feeling like I need another one.”

"That might be a problem, on a planet this hot. It's why every building has a shower." Annie pointed out to him.

“You make a good point,” Sam nodded. “I may replicate a change of clothes after lunch some days and take a shower before I return to work.”

"I tend to do that myself, a good shower in the afternoon, is very refreshing." Annie suggested to him.

Sam smiled. “I wondered how you came home seeming refreshed while the first thing I did was hit the showers.”

"Tricks and tips you pick up on the job." Annie said, as they all got situated in the transport.

“We are upgrading today,” Sam informed her. We will have more equipment Available by the end of the week.” He smiled at her. “It will be a long day, I am thinking I will bring dinner home tonight.”

"I like that idea." Annie said, as the transport started to take off. "I should be home on time, no late night sessions. Let's hope it stays that way."

Sam smiled at her. “I do. We are supposed to make cupcakes with the kids tonight.”

"I like that idea." Annie said, with a big grin on her face. The transport continued to head to the education center.

“So do I,” Sam said with a smile. Family time was important and lately it had seemed rare.

"I am hoping to fix that." Annie said, feeling very bad. But the fleet politics between New Vulcan and Ni'Var itself, was already sensitive. It was taking up a lot of her time.

“To fix what?” Sam asked her. He looked over at her with a question in his eyes.

"To spend more time at home, unless you are saying you want to see less of me?" Annie said, in a sarcastic tone. She decided to pick on her husband a little bit.

“No,” Sam said with a smile. “The more I see of you the better. I was just thinking that we haven’t had a lot of family time and then you said that and I thought we must be on the same thought pattern.”

"Generous of you to say, but lets be real. I have worked a lot of hours. Mostly because of my position. A political leaders life, is never dull. But filled with boring meetings." She pointed out to him, in their transport, that was still heading to the education center.

“We are doing well,” Sam felt for her and wanted to assure her he was supportive. “The kids like helping me with dinner and surprising you with our latest meal.” He smiled then, thinking of some of the things they came up with. He was a pro at steering them away from pizza or hotdogs every night.

"I do appreciate the effort of everyone." Annie said, as the transport started to slow down. Next stop, the education center.

“If there is something you need me to do,” Sam smiled. “To make things easier, let me know.” He felt like he had the easier schedule while she was overloaded at the moment.

"You are doing more than enough." Annie said, as she helped get the kids out of the transport. They started to walk towards the education center. She felt the heat wave hit them once again.

Sam walked, the children between them. “This almost makes me miss snow.” He grinned then. “Just until I am in air conditioning.”

"I miss the snow too, perhaps we should plan a trip to Andoria." Annie suggested in a teasing tone.

Sam’s eyes widened and he looked over at her and smiled. “Wouldn’t that be fun. Our blood thins out and we freeze our as...” he looked down at his children. “Our butts off.”

"Sometimes the cold, would be nice." Annie said, almost forgetting what it felt like to be cold. "Don't take my fantasy away from me." She said, as the scene starts to fade away.

“I would never,” Sam promised with a smile. He wanted all their dreams to come through.