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Posted on Wed Dec 11th, 2019 @ 12:48am by Rear Admiral Gregory Coulson & Lieutenant JG Crarg Gavruk & Captain Kean Reeva & Commander Sorine Kaida & Lieutenant Xalanth & Lieutenant Ren T'Prell
Edited on on Tue Mar 3rd, 2020 @ 12:07am

Mission: Gold Rush
Location: Briefing Room, New Vulcan Colony
Timeline: 2430-01-08, 09:00

Rear Admiral Gregory Coulson stepped over the threshold of the door and into the Conference Room of New Vulcan Colony, Raktajino in hand and scowl on his face. Being an Admiral he had certain privileges; however, today certainly was not one of them. After having trouble getting to sleep he had only gotten about 3 hours when he was awoken from his slumber by the ringing alarm of an emergency transmission. That was five hours ago and he still never got to go back to sleep.

Nor would the crew of the Starship Nostromo. Reports had come in of them encountering a strange radiation spike that they were going to investigate. A few minutes later a transmission was received from the vessel's black box and then the Nostromo herself went dark not far from the Colony. The Sulaco had been getting ready for a training exercise, but things were surely going to change.

Greg pressed a control and took his seat at the head of the table, awaiting the others to arrive.

Kaida had slept. Thirty minutes here and there, inbetween having conversations with the ship's engines to work properly for her. So far she was pleasantly surprised. She hadn't had to resort to violence, hitting any of the equipment to give it an attitude adjustment. "Morning Admiral," Kaida said, slipping inside. She was happy to find herself early.

Kean entered the room with his usual confidence. He was wearing his uniform, mostly. He had left his jacket over the chair in his ready room and instead wore his waistcoat down to the planet, he found it far less stuffy and New Vulcan was hardly a cold planet. He had heard murmurings through his contacts back at Starfleet HQ about the Nostromo, but as of yet nothing had been confirmed to him.

"Good morning guys." he said as he pulled out a chair next to the Admiral and his first officer. "I'm guessing we all had as much sleep as each other." he added.

"Probably have," Greg answered as he took a drink of his Raktajino. The Klingon coffee was a lot hotter than it remembered it being and he could feel it going down his throat, burning all the way. He winced for a moment as he sat the drink down on the table.

"Maybe next time I'll order the iced coffee," he said absently. He let out a long breath as he waited for the Security Chief and Operations Officers. "Starfleet has its first official mission for you guys and I'm curious what you all think of it."

Ren walked in, with his nose practically glued to a couple pads. After a few steps in, he looked up to realize he wasn't the only one in the room.
"Good morning, Admiral." he said with a short yet formal bow from the neck, his antenna dipping lower to give the gesture emphasis. "Captain. Commander." Repeating the gesture with only slightly less emphasis. "I have been going over some of the preliminary reports since I awoke. This is like starting up wind from a Makra." Ren said as he took a seat.

"It has been a trying morning to be certain," the Admiral answered from his seat, still feeling momentary bursts of pain. "We'll go ahead and get started. Lieutenant Xalanth will be along. Starfleet has received a distress signal from the Starship Nostromo in this system." He typed on the PADD on the table, a holographic replica of the system immediately appeared above the smooth surface. "The blackbox suggests that they detected an unusual radiation spike - which our sensors have also detected - and were investigating. That's when we lost contact."

"Sir, in theory the Sulaco is fully supplied and prepared. " Ren said referencing one of the PADDs he had brought in. "This would become the shake down cruise."

Xalanth quietly slipped into the room and took his place. Trust the colony's computers to be not reading his ID. He really needed to get that fixed.

Kaida nearly scoffed at the younger officer. They might be fully supplied but she had serious doubts as to whether they were prepared. It sounded like they really didn't have much of a clue as to what they would be facing.

"Usually a blackbox only activates when a ship is lost, or so damaged that it triggers it. Sadly I do not think we will find any survivors given the circumstances but we are prepared to find out what happened." Kean replied looking around the room and resting on the Admiral. "The Sulaco is reasonably prepared." he admitted. "There are still some teething problems due to the age and lack of activity is has been given over recent years. Definitely need to stretch her space legs."

Coulson nodded, "I think that this will be an excellent opportunity for you to perform a shakedown cruise for the Sulaco to ensure that she's fully operational. You'll deploy from orbit and proceed to the last known coordinates to investigate."

More work. Kaida swallowed. This sounded a lot like a suicide mission to her. Take an old ship into unknown circumstances with a bunch of green cadets and a few officers. At least the Captain's response had been closer to the truth. "When do we leave?" Kaida asked, needing to know how much time she still had to work on things and test them.

"The location is only 2 AUs away," Greg informed as he looked at a datapad. "I'd like you to leave within the hour."

Nothing then. There was really nothing left to do that could be done in that amount of time. She might as well sit back in her chair and start saying her prayers. "Yes sir." Kaida answered him.

The doors to the Briefing Room opened and a short, Tellarite in Sciences green stepped in carrying a PADD in his hand. The Lieutenant looked around the room, "I have completed the preliminary scans of the region. I am reading a gravimetric distortion not far away from the location in which contact was lost." The Science Officer paused a moment then spoke again, "My apologies for interrupting."

"This is Lieutenant Crarg Gavruk," Coulson answered. "He's been assigned to serve as your Science Officer."

The Tellarite studied them quickly, "I am a recent Academy graduate. Admiral Coulson knows me from the Phoenix and had me assigned here."

"More the merrier, Lieutenant. I was beginning to wonder who was going to solve this if we didn't have a Science Chief with a big brain." Kean replied giving the man a nod before turning to the Admiral. "I think we can be ready in two hours, if we tape a few things closed. The teams have worked admirably thus far in getting the ship ready but... I am concerned we have no Medical Officer as of yet. I am hoping we will not need one this quickly." he finished pensively.

"Doctor Davenport has reported aboard at the Colony. For the duration of this mission I am assigning her to your vessel," Greg answered knowing that they needed a good doctor available to them. "Two hours is fine. I would've preferred a bit sooner, but I know that you have some last minute preparations to make to get the Sulaco to operational status." He figured he may want to see the good doctor before they left on their assignment.

"If there isn't anything else I wish you all good hunting."

Kean nodded to his superior and then looked at his motely crew. He smiled, clapped his hands together and stood up. It was time to get started once again.

Rear Admiral Gregory Coulson
Fleet Commander
16th Fleet - Zodiac Fleet

Captain Kean Reeva
Commanding Officer
USS Sulaco

Commander Sorine Kaida
Executive Officer
USS Sulaco


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