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Some Finer Points

Posted on Sun Nov 24th, 2019 @ 4:53am by Captain Kean Reeva & Commander Sorine Kaida
Edited on on Mon Mar 2nd, 2020 @ 11:45pm

Mission: Gold Rush
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: 2430-01-08, 10:30

Earlier that morning they had been told of the fate of the USS Nostromo, destroyed by a mystery at the moment and with the Sulaco coming back out of mothballs they were being assigned to find out what caused it.

Kean had called his XO to his ready room, they hadn't had a real opportunity to talk since being thrown together and he always valued the words of his second in command.

He had been reading about the Nostromo, a Defiant class led by Captain Zafel, when his chime rang and he assumed it would be whom he had asked for.

Before he'd even gotten a chance to say 'have a seat' or 'how are you' or any other nice pleasantry, Kaida pushed into his office and looked him right in the eye before asking, "Has Starfleet gone insane?"

The quick burst into his office gave him pause, Kaida entered like the whirlwinds that Bajoran tempers were known for. "Well insane is such a big word for such a small word..." he said leaning back in his chair. "Although I'll need some context to your question Commander?" he asked.

"Sending us to investigate what happened to the Nostromo. Surely there's someone around here better qualified?" Realizing what she'd just said she backtracked quickly. "I mean, a bunch of cadets on an old ship that so far runs but we have no idea what's going to happen when we really get her moving. I'm an engineer but not a miracle worker."

Kean nodded, she was right. The Sulaco was over 60 years old, parts of her worked, others didn't and they were to receive a batch of academy cadets in order to give them an immersive experience in starship operations.

Their initial training mission was the usual. Take the Sulaco out, give it a run through its paces, something that show the cadets how a ship operated, functioned under simulated stress but that was out the window now.

He could feel her anger, her anxiety. "What happened to the Nostromo was a catastrophe and sadly we are the only ship in range that is in any shape to respond." he began as she opened her mouth but he kept going. "I agree with you, Kaida. This ship has tried to take me out on multiple occasions today, but it is your job to make sure we don't lose any nacelles when we do leave... because we are going. As for the cadets..." he said throwing his hands up a little off the table. "They will get a more immersive experience than they imagined." he said simply. "Although right now I am more concerned about experience in our own senior staff..."

She huffed out what was partially a laugh and part agreement. "How so?" Kaida asked, letting the subject drop. At least he wasn't some kid they'd stuck in the chair who was more interested in adventure and proving himself than the lives of the future leaders of Starlfeet which may or may not be on his ship. She had her doubts.

Kaida hadn't noticed anything too off about the people that had come on board so far but then again she'd had her head in the warp core for the better part of the day only stopping to eat occasionally when she felt light headed. Sleep had gone by the wayside. Coffee was her best friend right now. This unexpected call to the CO's office was what she considered a break.

"We currently lack a Chief Medical Officer. One thing I hope we will not need in our mission to understand the destruction of the Nostromo, I hope this will be a straightforward one." he began rubbing his forehead as he gestured her to sit as he stood and brought her some coffee, he had heard it was her 'rocket fuel' down in Engineering. "I hear they are coming but we need to leave soon." he said sitting back down with his own drink.

For a moment there was a pause as he sipped from his cup. "Our two new arrivals, whom arrive on board officially today, are rather unique in their circumstances." he continued. "We have grew up throughout our time here in this life, and excuse the language as I will explain. Both our Chief of Security and Chief of Ops are temporal 'passengers' as my people call them. Both of them, coincidentally, are from 40 or so years in our past..." he stopped for a moment as he saw minor explosions go off in Kaida's head. "I don't question their experience, just that they've missed a lot of time in between. Although I suppose a Cheyenne class will be newer to them than us. Hells, even Lt. T'Prell may know more than we do." he said with a little laugh.

"Thank you," she said distractedly to the cup of coffee placed in her hands. "Forty years," Kaida said putting the cup to her lips and drinking in what was pretty much her life juice these days. One hand reached up to scratch a spot on her head as she looked off into the distance, her mind still whirling at what they were being asked to do. She still thought it nuts but she'd already made her peace.

"I am sure they will be up to the task, otherwise they wouldn't be here." Kean admitted as he noticed the woman's rather lack of response. "So, you're worried we are unprepared, undermanned and the ship not quite ready to meet this missions requirements?" he asked genuinely wanting to hear her thoughts.

"True, who am I to say that what they learned forty years ago is less than what I was taught. It might even be superior to my education. And yes, essentially. Are you sure you're an El-Aurian?" Kaida's eyes narrowed as if he was reading her mind. "I don't know . . . maybe I should get philosophical and say that I'm really doubting myself."

Kean laughed. "For the last 500 years yeah. Pretty sure I've been El Aurian." he said as he watched her watch him. "Well you have rose to the rank of Commander in less than a decade since leaving the Academy." he said stroking his beard. "Were an instructor at said Academy and have now been given the job of supervising cadets on immersive on the job training." he paused. "I would say you have no reason to doubt yourself, I don't. If anything I better watch my back!"

Kaida made a dismissive sound with her lips. "And you've got yourself a ship full of oddities, I wouldn't dream of taking that from you." The first hint of a smile curled onto her lips. "I'm not ready for my own command anyway. I should be getting back to work though." She scratched a spot on the side of her head causing a strand of hair to come loose right in her face. She blew on it and it flopped feebly but didn't move from her line of vision until she grabbed it, pinning it back in place.

"No?" he asked. "Can't convince you to try?" he continued giving a 'well I tried' look.

"Agreed, Commander. I think I got the jist of your feelings for the mission. I know we aren't quite there, but I know you'll do what you gotta do down there to keep us from flying apart." he said rising from his chair.

Kaida gave him a little shrug. "Thank you for the coffee," and left the ready room without another word.

Captain Kean Reeva
Commanding Officer
USS Sulaco

Commander Sorine Kaida
Executive Officer/Chief Engineer
USS Sulaco


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